Thursday, 30 September 2010



These papers are so full of colour when i first saw them i thought they were so girly girly but much to my surprise they turned out fantastic on this layout of my daughter Megan and her boyfriend Jay Jay.

The colour mix i felt was fantastic combined with the scalloped white heart and black card stock such an eye catcher for sure .... this layout is so simple to achieve i decided to incorporate my own stamp into this layout which brings the journaling out i wanted to use to key in with my title. The stamp is made by paper bags studios.


1 glue the white heart card to black card stock cut the brown patterned paper 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches glue onto your card stock take the green patterned paper and cut 7 inches by 3 inches glue into place as shown

2 cut two different patterned papers 1 inch thick and roll the one end down to your proffered size

3 place photo onto your layout i stamped a border around my photo

4 using two of the patterned papers i then stamped two images the same and placed them as shown again rolling the sides for more effect i did stamp the images onto the white card stock first so you see a slight amount of the images still showing for more effect

5 i finished the layout by adding my title and a few chosen embellishments

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