Friday, 11 November 2011

A winner and an update...

First off we must give the winner of the UKS blog hop...things have been busy here at Papermaze and we apologise for not having it up earlier...the winner is
lemon said...great idea for a flower uks lemon

email me at to claim your prize.

Okay onto another update about the you may be aware last weekend we had a everything at half price sale on the website.Thankyou to everyone that has ordered in this sale. To say we have been inudated is an understatment. Within 48 hours we had more orders than we typically pack in just a month.
We have been working hard since then to get these orders out, but please be patient with us....the amount we have to pack has been staggering...we have drafted in extra helpers but even then it is going to take some time to process them all, pick the orders and send them to you.
Vanessa took some photos today to show you...

As you can see there isn't much room in between everything...i woke up this morning with little bruises around the tops of my arms where i keep bumping into the hooks!!!

As you can see in the photo above...lots of stuff is in boxes...this box holds some thickers..there are another 3 huge boxes like finding just one pack is fun!!!

We took all the cardstock out of the paper trays to be washed...ready for new cardstock to arrive...these tubs hold all of it...There were over 500 different colours, they all had to come out, be placed into plastic bags, labelled and then put in alphabetical order...that was alot of fun i can tell you!!!!

The shop has finally been a really bright orange...Vanessa loves her orange...and it looks brillant! So finally things are moving forward...and each day new parcels arrive with new stock in...ready for when we re open again.

Again all of us at Papermaze want to thank you all for offers of help and support,we have had some wonderful emails from our customers and we cannot thankyou enough. Love Wendy x


Scattychick said...

Congrats Lemon :)

It looks as if you are certainly not bored at the moment ladies! I hope you manage to get all caught up soon so you can rest those bruised elbows and look forward to seeing you back up and running as normal x

Anita said...

I cannot tell you how lovely it is to see such strength and positiveness( is that a word?? lol) I am so inspired by the hard work you have all put in to get things up and running again Ness and look forward very much to the grand re-opening of your wonderful shop when you are all sorted.
Keep up all your good work ladies and I hope your bruises soon ease up.
Warmest wishes

Dotty Jo said...

Keep going girls! Jo x

Unknown said...

You are doing and amazing job - what a massive task to undertake.

We do all appreciate it -and you all deserve a huge pat on the back - and cupcakes!

Unknown said...

I recieved my goodies today, thank you. Amazingly quick considering the working conditions etc. Looking forward to you being completely up and running. Well done for getting this far so quickly -x-

Jimjams said...

My box of goodies arrived this morning - thanks. On the one hand I fee guilty to take advantage of your generous discount, on the other, if it helps you clear out ready for fresh stock, then I'm glad to help!

GlitteryKatie said...

Thank you for my order and keep at it, you're doing a fab job!!!