Monday, 14 November 2011

Scrapping the Everyday

It's so easy to scrap the big things in life.
The birthdays, the special days out etc. But sometimes I like to scrap about the little things that don't actually mean anything.

Like this photo that I took of my button jars lined up on my window.
I love this photo. They look so pretty and daily I look at these and find them inspiring.
So why not scrap this photo?!

I wanted a pop of colour to be the main feature of this LO, so I've left it quite plain.
I used this amazing green patterened paper (Crate Paper - Peppermint) as my base.

I cut a journal tag from this 12x12 sheer of accents (Crate - Peppermint) and layered it under my photo. I drew around a large circle in pencil and then stitched along the circlular edge.
I went through my tray of loose buttons that need to be sorted and stuck them in place.

Here are some other 'everyday' subjects that can be scrapped:

- Your breakfast
- Favourite outfit
- Workplace
- The car you drive
- Favourite mug
- Book you are reading right now
- The daily jewellery you wear
- The view from your window

Enjoy : )

1 comment:

LisiB said...

What a great idea! It is the little thing that is probably most interesting for our kids in a few decades