Friday, 15 August 2008

Day five... scalloped edges

This is one technique that i use on every page and mean every page, since i figured out how to do it. I am a big layerer of pattern paper and using the scalloped technique breaks up all the layered lines of pattern paper.

We have posted how to do this before, but as i am always being asked how to do this, i thought i would put it on here again.

First you need a corner rounder that you take take the guard off, you cannot make scalloped edges with the guard on.

Below are the two corner rounders that i own and use all the time.

Place the punch up against the side of the pattern paper or cardstock that you want scalloped, as shown in the photo below.

Please make sure you practice this before doing it on your paper as it takes a few goes to get it right.

This is what it will look like, after one punch.

Then line up the next one and punch again

THis is a seriously easy way to make scallops. I have used this technique alot on this page and layered all the different sizes and colours to add to the page. Click on the page below to enlarge so you can see all the scallops properly. As it said before i am a big paper layerer and i use it to soften the lines of all the pattern paper.

Thanks for looking all this week. Dont forget to leave a comment on one of this weeks posts to win the Provo Craft tin and a set of pattern papers that have been used in this weeks blog.
THanks for looking.


Lynn said...

Wendy I am really enjoying these posts they are so detailed & full of useful ideas. Always liked the way you use scolloped edges, and so far I have been tracing them and cutting with scissors, but they don't look as good so I'm off to look for the punches. My corner punch does not have a removable guard.
Thanks again.

hotpotato said...

After you showed me how to do this a few months ago, I use this technique all the while. I invested in the 3 sizes of corner punches which are now well used. Thanks for all the great tips again Wendy, can't wait to see what's coming next month..Janina

Jane said...

great ideas, as usual, thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

I love all these punchy ideas! Wendy, your mini album is fab.

Two things I need help with is imaginative ways to use ribbons and paint. I would love to see ideas incorporating these products on featured on your blog.

Anonymous said...

thanks wendy i love my two punches too .. i love the way you layer the paper with scolled edge pieces i will be doing some now .... just love the way your pages look... i would like to see stiching felt and using material please.

Sue said...

Wendy I have put a feed on your blog, you are just what a scrapper needs, thanks for such detailed and clear instructions. I have just tried the scalloped edges out, they are fab and so easy when you know what to do. Also three cheers for having Steph as a DT, one of my BF from SB.Com

Luluuk said...

Brilliant ideas for using the punches. Thanks very much