Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Day two - square punch

This is one of my punches that use constantly. It was a punch that i didnt buy for ages, because i could use my ruler and a pencil. But one day when i was doing a page with alot of squares on it,and i got fed up with cutting them out, so i went and bought myself the jumbo square punch, and now use it all the time.

One of the nice things to use it for is to make paper windmills as embellishments for my pages. They are really quick and easy to do and very effective.

Okay the first thing you need to do is to punch out a square of pattern paper. Double sided pattern paper is the best as you will be able to see both sides by the time you have finished. The size of square punch i used for this is the 2" square punch.

Next you draw 2 lines from corner to corner in pencil ( as you will need to rub out the lines later) and then draw a small circle in the centre of the square.

Then using a craft knife or some scissors cut along the lines, stopping at the edge of the circle.

Then taking one of the corners fold the point into the middle of the square.

You need to do this four times.

Until you end up with this pattern. I then inked the edges. I am a big user of inks, as i think it defines all the different pattern papers that you use. In this case it defines the sections of the windmill.
Next i punched out a small circle using my 3/4" little punch. I inked round the edge of the circle.

I then used a glue dot and stuck it onto the middle of the windmill to hold down the triangles.

You can then add as little or as much as you like to decorate it. I often use buttons and pins.
Here is the close up of a windmill i made for another page, which will be up later on in the week.

I threaded thread through the button to add some more detail to the windmill.

I will be back tomorrow with another punch post. Dont forget to leave a comment about something you would like to see in these monthly week posts to win a prize. The prize is a Provo craft tin that i used yesterday and a line of one of the papers im using this week.


Anonymous said...

wow thanks wendy ....i have always wondered how to do these . another one of your tips to tryhappy . thanks once again..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great use for my square punch! (I've been making windmills by just cutting and measuring! D'oh!) I make tiny ones, on cocktail sticks, then I put them in birthday cupcakes.

I would like to see a blog week on uses for felt, or one on ideas with metal pieces/trim. Thanks!

Zarah said...

Yeah - that's what I get for wishing - instant gratification! :D

Okay - my next wish is instead this:
Using letter stickers - and what to do when you run out of certain letters. What you can replace them sith and different ways of personalizing them & sprucing them up! :D

Eva (Fister) said...

It's amazing what you can do with your punches - love that windmill.

Deb said...

Thanks for this fab little series. i have quite a few punches but rarely use them - I will give them another try now.

I would like to see a little series on what we could do with the sheets of FOAM, which we can buy from craft shops now. I bought 2 sheets in pink and black but can't think of anything much to do with them!

Anonymous said...

Loving this week on punches as I have loads of these sitting in a drawer.

I would like to see a week with uses for different fabric on LO's, such as felt, ribbons, lace and just pieces of fabric. I have loads of fat quarters that I have bought in various designs stored away just because I liked the pattern.


Anne said...

What a coincidence - I was making these today, having not made them in ages. I made big ones, which I intend to put on sticks and have in a vase like paper flowers. But now I'm going to dig out my little square punch and make teeny ones for my LOs! Love the button in the middle.

I would like to see some ideas for using sewing techniques, particularly those using fabrics as well - like applique on paper, if that makes sense.

hotpotato said...

What a fab and cheap idea for lovely embellies....

debby4000 said...

Fab idea, inspired me to make this
You have to scroll down a bit.