Thursday, 14 August 2008

Day four- threading water.

I am sure that most of you know about these punches and how fab they are. I was lucky to get one a little while ago and it is rapidly becoming one of my all time favourite punches. Basically what they do is, punch the edge of your cardstock or paper and the pattern is a scalloped edge with small hole in it.

Now i know these are not in the Papermaze shop at the moment but they are on there way so keep a look out for then in the new products section in the coming weeks.

I have been hunting round the internet on different ways to use this punch and i came across this post on You Tube. One of the things that i find really hard with the corner punches and threading water punch are making the corners and making them line up with the rest of the scallops.

This will show you how to make them match up.

it does take a bit of practice but it does work!!!!

Okay now i am going to show you how to make this....
First chose your paper that you want use. Now you have to cut it into a strip with the width of 2.2cm.

THe width is the important part as it makes the scallops line up.

Punch one side if the strip of paper/cards...

The strip of extra paper at the top when you have punched the scallops just cuts off to leave you with the scallops.

Then turn the paper the other way and line the little holes up and punch again and volia you have a long strip of circles.For those of you who are wondering the scallops size is - 1cm across so fairly small.

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See you 2m. ( edited to add - NEW PINK PAISLEE!!!!!!! in the new products section!!!! gorgeous!!!)


hotpotato said...

Hi Wendy,the You Tube post was brilliant, I found it a great help and as I'm now off to a workshop I'm going to try it out......Janina

hotpotato said...

Hi again....I tried the technique out and was well chuffed with the result, infact I went threading water punch mad!!!!! Janina

Chris said...

Just found your great blog and all the wonderful techniques you've so kindly shared. So many things to do with punches, I'm so inspired and ready to get mine out again. Chris