Monday, 5 November 2007

Sketches everywhere.!!

Okay. i for one am not the best person when it comes to sketches. I find them really really hard to work with, what about you???

So in my mind a plan came. I want to see your sketches, your own ones. Not ones that come from a sketch website your own from your head!!! LOL!!!

When i have got them all, later in the month i am going to post them on here and then ask you to vote for your favorite one. The one that is picked will be used for a competition in January!!

So sketch away ladies, you can send in as many as you like in as many different sizes that you like!!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you there Wendy, I cannot seem to get on with them either. Totally admire those ladies on the sketch blogs that do though, its always interesting to see what they come up with. Look forwards to seeing the results from this competition, I wouldn't know where to start! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ok, idea's!!!

-Use 20 flower's
-include a different font, in the middle of your title
-use a different colour font
-use strippy pp
-use just CS
-include metal on your lo, on the left side only
-use brown & pink colours together
-orange & pink colours
-use everthing srippy
-use 3 flowers & 3 buttons
-use 4 eyelets
-include stars and hearts together
-use the colour purple
-include stitching
-add ribbon clusters
-stitch ribbon/fibre onto your lo
-use fabric on a lo
-use just white CS only & 2 pp
-use pp only
-red black & white
-use pp only
-add at lest 8 buttons
-doodle around a photo
-doodle aroung the edge of you lo
-use orange & brown
-ink on edges
-paint just 4 square cms of CS & add to lo
-use pink ink to stamp something
-cut your own flowers
-cut your own circles
-cut your own hearts
-make a frame around one photo
-use hearts
-use hollow circles
-use bling
-use a transperencie
-use 4 tags
-make a scalloped edge or other
-use scallops on your lo
-use rough edging on you lo
-use black CS just for your base
-use spots
-use strips
-use gingham on your page
-use somthing fluffy
-add paperclips
-add pins

Ok,i'l stop now becoz i could go on!!!