Wednesday, 21 November 2007

for you!

This blog is for you. Plain and simple. So i really want you , the readers of this blog, work on here as well. So last month i picked two girls who had either left a comment or joined in the challenge and sent them some really scrummy stash to show us what they could come up with!!!

So here they are..

The first one is by Angela Coote...
She was sent Fancy Pants

She has also done the most beautiful page but after spending an hour on here blogger will not let me up load it!!! but i promise i will add it as and when i can!!
And the next bunch was sent to Sarah Wilson and here is what she did with what we sent her...

So when you pop by let us know and dont forget to join in the challenges and competition as you never know a nice stash may land on your door step!!!

1 comment:

CloClo said...

Those pages are absolutely gorgeous girls - I really want to try making one of those canvases by Andrea now x x x