Thursday, 8 November 2007

Let me introduce you to.....

Jennie Bowlin.
I know that you have seen her work and her products are just the most gorgeous!!!! So as she is a favourite of mine i emailed and asked her a few questions!

  1. how did you get into this hobby? I have always been a “crafter” – my hands were always making something. I had my first son 9 years ago just about the time creative scrapbooking started evolving. At the time I distinctly remember only being able to get really innovative products from the Pebbles in My Pocket catalog out of Utah. I would pour over that thing when it came in the mail and make my wish lists!! I loved their cardstock. It just seemed to be drawn to it all.
  2. what competitions have you won? I won the 2003 Hall of Fame contest.
  3. do you think these are how you got to where you are today? I have seen so many talented people find ways to contribute to this industry without winning that or other contests. Contests are certainly a way to get recognized quickly, but they are not a necessity (I believe) to following your dream!
  4. what do you love about your work? It is personal. It is so gratifying to put a piece of yourself into something and have it be loved and enjoyed by others. I love seeing how people interpret my papers, stickers, etc. in their own creative ways.
  5. How do you come up with the designs for your products? I wish I had one thing to say or a short answer, but the creative process, for me, is made up of so many things. I would have to say that vintage and antique imagery is huge for me – you will see a little bit of “old” in everything I do!
  6. How do you go about putting a page together always start with a picture. My title and journaling come from that. The design, color, etc. always comes after that and are always built around the colors and theme of the photo for me. Many times I use bits and pieces that have been left out on my desk from the last couple of projects!
  7. who are your favourite scrappers? It is not secret that I have always found so much inspiration in Rebecca Sower’s work. She has been given such a gift, not only as an artist, but maybe more so as a communicator. She was the one early on who really turned me on to journaling, and not just the “who, where, when” but the deep stuff! I was changed forever the day I came across her stuff in a CK!
Okay here is a page i did a little while ago using her products and i have to say the line is just to die for!!!

And if you fancy giving her stuff ago click on the link below
Jenni Bowlin


Anonymous said...

Stunning page Wendy, love the colour combo and placement of all the elements. Superb work... Anita.x

Scrappermania said...

Great page Wendy!