Monday, 5 April 2021

Turning Boring Envelopes into Happy Mail & Journal Pockets


Hello. Lisa with you today.
I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

I have a fun DIY to share with you today.
You can choose to use it as a fun pocket for your journals or for happy mail.
All you need is an envelope and some scrap paper.

Here I'm using a C6 envelope.
I do have a process video here if you fancy seeing how both the happy mail and the journal pockets come together.  

 All you do is cover the envelope in your scraps.

I like to lay my envelope down and draw around it. I cut just inside my lines so I have a border.

I then do the inside too. I love using contrasting papers like this.

Here are links to the papers I have used.


These are my happy mail envelopes which are smaller.

But you can also stick them in your journal to add flip pages.

I've stuck mine in with thick washi here. I've added a small piece of card in the corner which holds my photos in place. 

The photo card pulls out (the piece on the left) and I've journaled on the back and also journaled here on the reverse of the envelope (which sits under the photo card).

When the envelope is flip over you can see how I've made another photo card, this time to be placed inside the envelope. I've added 2 strips of paper to the envelope too for more photos.

 This little pockets holds so many photos and so much journaling.
It's so handy.

I really hope you enjoy this and also give this ago.

Hope you enjoy the video too.

Lisa x

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